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Angels opt out of stadium lease with Anaheim

The Los Angeles Angels opted out of their stadium lease with the city of Anaheim on Tuesday, throwing the status of their home since 1966 into limbo.

“As we look to the future, we need the ability to continue to deliver a high-quality fan experience beyond what the original lease allows,” Angels president John Carpino said in a statement. “It is important that we look at all our options and how we can best serve our fans now and in the future.”

Talks broke off between the Angels and Anaheim in 2014, and the team looked for other sites for a new ballpark, but nothing has come together.

The Angels said they are not set on leaving and are not trying to pressure the city into renovations.

Angels spokesperson Marie Garvey told the Los Angeles Times that if the team hadn’t opted out by Tuesday, they would have had to wait until 2028.

“It’s today, or 10 years from now,” Garvey said, according to the newspaper. “There’s no option in between.”

Garvey added that the team will sit down with the mayor and city council after elections next month and see what options the team has.

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