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Crews laying sod for Chiefs-Rams in Mexico City

Grounds crews appeared to be laying new sod on the field at Estadio Azteca on Tuesday amid what sources describe as significant concerns about the poor playing surface for next week’s showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams in Mexico City.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Monday night that the league is “working closely” with stadium personnel “to ensure that we have an NFL-quality surface” for the game.

But sources told Schefter that significant discussions are underway about whether the game will be played in Mexico City, moved to Los Angeles or postponed, and that a decision is expected this week.

One source still expects the game will be played in Mexico City, according to Schefter, but another source said he thinks moving the game to Los Angeles is still an option that will be decided this week.

The issue is that soccer games and concerts have left the field a mess. The teams are aware of the situation, and the NFLPA is concerned and has been monitoring it closely.

The Rams left for Colorado Springs on Monday to train at high altitude for a week before traveling to Mexico City, where the elevation is about 7,300 feet.

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